dimanche 31 octobre 2010

You wait here a little

So Toffee Road, "Princess, you wait here a little, for a prince to be returned together with the room, Jin Er, you are the mother is room to trip to the Princess."
Is already a sunset, playing in the clear golden twilight lean figure slightly, she looked at the pomegranate tree in the courtyard, uphold Fazheng, simply had too hard today, this day has finally survive the fast, This Murong Kam actually come back.
Toffee in the house do not know with what Murong Kam said, in short, he went before the toffee told her, let her wait here with the back room Murong Kam.
Her heart has been uneasy, though her face was calm as far as possible camouflage, but her heart was a mess do not know what to do?
How to disappear with the rise of the cold have to bow to see the men get along.
He is proud, for her heart Jisi fear.
Suddenly saw this morning, this time the side of those who heard about Princess seems, is one gorgeously dressed, and the number much more than the morning, it appears that even those who do not dubbing the concubine also came.
Very colorful panorama of color that thirty feet a few people.
Although they gave the clear face on the deal made with the mouth is lips a blessing, "Princess."
Can see at a glance which is only payable on the surface, they are watching it wistfully of the hall, seems to always wait Murong Kam from the inside out, to his pro-natural smile.
They also kept order with his clothes, gently run it just because it came too fast on the clothes left shaking gently fold flat, bronze mirrors come out from time to time, gently roll up that high The finishing touch of the hair in disorder.
The clear and they feel out of place.
They have also been isolated as, although they are very humble on the surface.
Really afraid for a cooling off from the inside out and then Murong Kam beard Deng Yanjing her, then her dignity trampled am afraid that it is gone.
That scene is how many people are looking forward to, ah!

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