dimanche 31 octobre 2010

He did not carry the eye to see them

The cooling off is more severe headache at the moment, last night, stayed up all night, at the moment feel a little less light feet at ease.
But finally went in front of them Murong Kam time, just listen to that side of the Princess and the concubine were prettily call out, "Royal Highness."
He did not carry the eye to see them, but staring straight lips gently cooling off ineffectively,
Then, all road, "the king used a new house today, back to dinner, you all go back!"
All face disappointment.
Murong Kam somewhat moderate voice, "We back into the house it, and today you are tired, one day, and spent rest early dinner!"
Some amazement the clear looked at him, she did not know what to tell him Toffee, so that his attitude had improved.
A little peace and ②
But then the clear also be relieved, at least, he did not embarrass her in front of everyone.
Murong Kam somewhat commanding tone of the public side of Princess Road, "the Princess was pregnant, and you do not give her more trouble-free, otherwise I will not Qingrao." Just words, they say more than this morning, which the clear top with multi-piles.
Princess is naturally well-behaved congregation, "We will be respected Princess, subject to the management of the Princess."
Ying Fei laughed gently, "we will naturally take care of the princess, we are one family, nature is a good sister."

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