dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Just about to began

Murong Kam eyes slightly open wide, just about to began, she was not Diana, Princess Mother must be wrong.
He did not wait that out, toffee Road, "the princess already have your blood, this feeling is not genetically related to casually give up out of."
Murong Jin stood quietly wringing their hands looked very disturbed the clear.
She had his child? This ... this is a mistake that night! How can a coincidence, on this night, she had his child.
He stepped forward, looking at the clear, "You really have my own flesh and blood?"
That look is a pressed and distrust, so that the clear heart feel very uncomfortable.
The clear with a trace of a smile face is looked at He asked, "Is there such a thing would take to utter?"
Murong Jin looked at her handsome face, with the pride of this Tolerance, it seems that she took that day, his face but also with such a stubborn Dan Xiao.
This woman seems to have been in contact with him are always different.
She will not pander, did not seem to have a child as a blackmail tool, of course, Murong Kam just think it is that he is seen on the surface.
Somehow this woman to be his bride, the bridal chamber in the beginning, he seems to have a kind of exclusion.
Many of them fear Murong Toffee Jin did not know the whole story, see the Murong Kam on the clear and seems to have no feelings.

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