dimanche 31 octobre 2010

They seem to come so hastily

Qingqing told myself to calm, if found will lose your mind first, then you will lose.
① calm a bit
It becomes a long wait for the torment, and no one will know the result will be like the.
Murong Kam finally come out from the hall and saw the side of the Princess gorgeously Shiqie expectations they are looking at him eyeful.
Playing in the sunset on his perfect silhouette exudes charm as charming and deep.
People look more like fascinated glances.
He came a step by step, the clear heart thump thump jump faster and faster, because from his point of view not calm face any clues.
Side of the Princess were eager to want his attention, Ying herself is deliberately changed to pull a pomegranate red dress, slender white
Neck with a red coral bead necklace that it split at the knee skirt, faintly visible white pair of slender legs looming. That skirt made from the precious stones inlaid pattern seems to bear the light pomegranate, a cluster of a bunch of hair with dazzling brilliance.
Kam Murong angered that day, the Japanese have been fortunate never to hire her, but today it is surprising that how a sudden rush out of the princess back.
Xin Fei busy to find her a whole, they concluded that only a toffee pained her stomach so her grandson back then, and do not pet her as long as Murong Jin, she is not in the palace so easy foothold.
They seem to come so hastily, it is hoped that a more intuitive look Murong Kam on her attitude.

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